Seller Central Sponsored Product Ads

My primary specialty is building sponsored product ads on seller central. I've built countless campaigns, and am deeply familiar with how to accomplish different goals based on client criteria. I create ad campaigns in a way that's easy to understand at a glance, and can help you make an advertising plan that's best for your business. 

Amazon seo

Sponsored product ads provide sellers with the most robust set of keyword metrics available within Amazon. There is no better way to get insight into the words your customers use to find and buy your products than with SPA's. Using this data to integrate converting terms into your product listings is one of the most effective ways to boost your organic visibility. Twin Scroll Marketing can tap into this valuable data to boost your sales.


Amazon Marketing services

AMS provides an even more robust advertising platform than Seller Central, but with it's own set of unique challenges. Twin Scroll Marketing will leverage all available ad formats to provide your account with the maximum amount of ROI-positive exposure. I can also mitigate the challenges that come with AMS's limited reporting to provide you with valuable month to month data.

Campaign optimization

Whether its an older account with performance issues or a brand new build that has been running for only a few months, I can use the preexisting data to improve returns and total sales. I can work with the campaigns you already have created to immediately improve performance while building additional campaigns for long term sales goals.